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Shared Ownership: Live the dream, for a fraction of the cost

YachtQuarters shared ownership offers the chance to live the boating dream on a fully crewed Princess motor yacht in Mallorca for a fraction of the normal cost.

Everyone loves the idea of spending quality time with family and friends on a luxury motor yacht but unless you are already a seasoned boat owner the barriers to entry can seem uncomfortably high. It’s not just the cost of buying such a valuable asset, it’s learning to skipper it safely and the time taken to look after it properly. Unless you use it regularly, it can be hard to justify the time and money involved, especially if you only get to spend a few weeks on board each year.

But what if you could enjoy all the upsides of boating on your own fully crewed, professionally maintained, luxury Princess motor yacht without the complexities and for only a fraction of the cost? Suddenly the sums are a lot easier to justify.

That’s exactly the reasoning behind YachtQuarters, a bespoke yacht-sharing programme created and managed by Europe’s largest Princess dealer for busy people like you.

How does YachtQuarters work?
YachtQuarters owners purchase a share in a fully managed new or nearly new Princess motor yacht based in Mallorca.
Every aspect of running the boat is taken care of by a dedicated team of professionals, including berthing, insurance, servicing, skipper and crew. There’s even a concierge service to help plan your trip. All you and your guests have to do is sit back and relax.

Each programme runs for four years. At the end of that period the boat is sold and the sale price returned to the owners. However, should they wish to exit the programme earlier, owners can upgrade to another YachtQuarters boat or transition to a boat of their own.

Shares are available from just 1/8th of the boat, equating to four weeks on board each year – including one high season week in July-August, two mid-season weeks in April-June or September-October, and one spring/autumn week in March or November. An intelligent booking system ensures every owner gets equal priority over the duration of the programme. Additional shares can be purchased for those wanting more time on board.

What does it cost?
The simple answer is a lot less than the cost of either running your own boat or chartering a similar craft. You only pay for the four weeks you spend on board, not the 48 weeks of the year many privately owned craft spend lying unused in a marina. However, unlike a commercially run charter yacht, it is still your own boat with your own décor, bed linen and crew. Crucially, all the costs are transparent, controlled and built into the ownership agreement. The only things not included are fuel and provisioning.

For example, a 1/8th share in the sold YachtQuarters’ Princess 64 costs £150,000 plus an annual running cost of £20,000. When the boat is sold at the end of the four-year period you will receive the same 1/8th share of the sale price, conservatively estimated at £75,000. That works out at £10,000 per week across the four years – less than the cost of many family holidays (or a good day’s shooting for eight guns). By comparison chartering a similar crewed yacht costs around £28,000 per week.

Who does it suit?
YachtQuarters is an ideal solution for everyone from boating novices wanting to take their first step into boating, to experienced owners looking to reduce the time and expense of running their own boat, and/or increase the size and comfort of the craft they currently enjoy. For the same price as running their own modest 30ft boat in the UK, owners can enjoy the true luxury experience on a crewed 75ft motor yacht in Mallorca.

Why YachtQuarters?
Because unlike the majority of boat sharing programmes on offer this one is supplied and managed by Princess Motor Yacht Sales, the largest distributor of Princess Yachts worldwide with more than 55 years’ experience of looking after customers and their boats.

This means we can be trusted to deliver on our promise, to source the best craft, maintain them to the highest standard and achieve the best price for them at the end of the programme. This leaves you free to enjoy all the fun of owning your own boat without any of the usual drawbacks.