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Humphree Stabilisation

Improve your ride.

We provide advanced stabilising systems from Humphree, one of the leaders in interceptor and fin design and innovation – so you can enjoy a steady ride, whatever the sea conditions.

To discuss your installation options, contact our team on +44 (0)1752 393311 or email


Humphree’s patented award-winning design of the interceptor is like no other, providing active stabilisation, customisable to the size of your yacht.

  • Compact and robust, making it less vulnerable to impacts
  • Features an adjustable blade which cuts through the water vertically
  • Corrosion resistant and lightweight
  • Innovative design reduces resistance in the water, adds speed and improves acceleration, with quick and easy control from the helm


The new electric fin stabilising system from Humphree brings a cost saving and powerful solution to the marine market. This new state of the art system will give you the advantage when handling the high seas.

  • 24V DC powered, meaning the system can be operated without a genset engine running while underway
  • System design reduces noise, fuel and wear
  • Control roll and pitch motions, improving the ride and comfort for crew and passengers at rest and under way