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Service and Maintenance

From lift organisation to the most comprehensive boat care package

Princess Motor Yacht Sales is committed to offering exceptional levels of service and technical support to Princess owners.

We achieve this via our office network located in key areas of the market place. These offices not only provide sales, but also employ people dedicated to providing the best possible after sales support where and when it’s needed.

Our technicians are employed by us. They are Princess trained, so not only do they have the specialist expertise to handle most of the challenges they face, but because they are mobile, they can be deployed quickly and efficiently where they are most needed.

Princess Expertise

Our team of full-time engineers are all Princess trained, with the knowledge and expertise to identify issues quickly and resolve them.

Fully Guaranteed Supply and Service

All work is carried out to our own stringent standards, and fully guaranteed.

Year Round Yacht Maintenance

Regularly planned maintenance programmes to preserve the performance and condition of your Princess.

Yacht Concierge Service

A personal yacht concierge service is now fully operational on the island of Mallorca, and being rolled out across the UK and in other international waters, providing one expert point of contact for all matters relating to your yacht.

Out of Hours Adviceline

In our many years’ experience, we know that yachting goes beyond office hours, so we have created an out of hours adviceline to provide our owners with telephone support as and when it’s needed.

In many cases, simple reassurance or a guiding hand are all that’s required to overcome a technical obstacle and set you on your way. Where a problem is more complex, our engineers can give a professional assessment over the telephone, and arrange an on-site visit if required.

The out of hours adviceline has been introduced as part of our commitment to making yacht ownership as easy and as pleasurable as it deserves to be.

Comprehensive Aftercare Services

International Support for your Princess. Contact us...