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Calvi to Cala di Volpe Itinerary


Calvi to Porto Cervo

9 Days

Calvi to Cala di Volpe

7 Days

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Phone: +44 (0)207 499 5050

This seven day charter captures some of the very best aspects of both French and Italian culture.

Begin this fabulous trip by visiting the world renowned Calvi, known to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Cruise leisurely between the delights of Bonifacio and The Maddalena Islands which provide serene sailing conditions and encompass enchanting scenery.


  • Day 1: Calvi to Girolta
  • Day 2: Girolta to Ajaccio
  • Day 3: Ajaccio to Golfe de Valinco
  • Day 4: Golfe de Valinco to Bonifacio
  • Day 5: Bonifacio to Isle de Lavezzi
  • Day 6: Isle de Lavezzi to Maddalena
  • Day 7: Maddalena to Cala di Volpe
Calvi to Cala di Volpe