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Bali to Moyo

7 Days

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Indonesia is truly a wondrous place of awe-inspiring beauty. A diverse land of tradition, language and rich cultural diversity. Populated with over 17,000 islands, which is known to be the worlds largest archipelago which spreads over an area of over 5000km between Australia and Asia. With a relatively low number of inhabitants comparatively to the landmass, travelling and exploring by yacht lends itself perfectly to this environment. Adventure is most certainly on the horizon when discovering far flung remote islands of serenity and tranquillity or perhaps you may come across a traditional village whilst tribal celebrations are taking place.

Perhaps the better-known destination would be the ever-popular Bali, which continues to amaze and inspire its visitors. A complete mix of ancient temples, beaches that continue for miles and market dressed streets can be found here. Whether you are looking for pure relation or to get fully involved in the hustle and bustle of the main towns and villages, Bali has something to everyone. Further east of Bali are the remarkable Outlying Islands, which are home to the glorious beaches of Lombok, incredible surfing on Flores and the worlds largest lizards on Komodo. If you are still looking for further activity then why not try some of the world famous dive sites that Indonesia has to offer or perhaps a hike within the one of the many mountainous trails that exists within its rugged interior.


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