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Specialists in Princess Yachts over 70 ft

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Large Yacht Specialists

Owning a large yacht is a rewarding measure of one’s success, bringing you into a demographic only a select few enjoy. But a big yacht can mean more management and responsibility, which is where our Large Yacht specialists come in.

We have sold over 150 70ft yachts, over the past 20 years, to owners all around the world. Thanks to our expertise, we understand the considerations in purchasing, managing and the ongoing maintenance of your large luxury yacht. You can, quite simply, leave it to us.

Yachts over 70 foot are the next level of luxury and yacht ownership. Some even step into the boundary of the superyacht, bringing an elevated experience for guests, from additional space, amenities, waters toys and furnishings.

Our Princess Motor Yachts Division know that large yachts require in-depth and integrated approaches to facets such as financing your large yacht, engineering maintenance and management.

We let the luxury of owning a large yacht come with ease and peace-of-mind, allowing yacht owners to enjoy their time on the water, safe in the knowledge that every aspect of their boat has been taken care of.

Whether you’re cruising in a high-performance, fly-equipped S78; in the award-winning Y-class range; or the impressively bold X-class range of superfly yachts; we have the people, processes and infrastructure in place to make large yacht ownership relaxed and efficient.

Your dedicated Large Yacht experts