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British Virgin Islands Charter Destinations


Tortola to Tortola

7 Days

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Phone: +44 (0)207 499 5050

The British Virgin Islands are world famous for steady trade winds, tame currents and hundreds of protected beautiful bays. This truly is a mariner’s paradise. In total there are over 40 idyllic islands with a true abundance of pristine white sandy beaches that stretch for mile upon mile. Tortola is known as the Capital of the BVI’s and has the largest population and most notable level of commerce compared to any other of the islands. However you can guarantee that the locals here will welcome you with open arms and will be more than happy to host a full moon party on the idyllic beaches.

Virgin Gorda is the BVI’s unsung hero and is much less developed than its bigger brother Tortola. There are a small number of national parks that exist here which consist of awe inspiring landscapes with dense vegetation and a varied selection of native wildlife. If you are yearning for more of a party scene then head to Jost Van Dyke for an impressive collection of lively beach bars and local residents that will take great pleasure in showing the sights that the island has to offer.

Diving in the BVI’s is hard to replicate and the outer islands have a magnificent collection of infamous ship wrecks that harbour a truly diverse range of species of fish. The BVI’s are closely associated with the US virgin islands but true fans will tell you that the BVI’s are less developed and are more of a reflection of times gone by.


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