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There are many different reasons why YachtQuarters could be the perfect choice when it comes to yacht ownership. These are just some of them:

yacht ownership programs
  • Your hectic lifestyle means that you simply can’t commit to the full ownership of a yacht and all the obligations, in terms of both finance and time that proper management and operation entails.
  • You’re retired and would like to enjoy trips away on your own yacht, without the demands that come with traditional yacht ownership.
  • You’re new to yachting and feel a little out of your depth when it comes to taking on full responsibility for the upkeep and operation of a complex yacht, and the minefield of procedures that must be undertaken such as regulatory issues, servicing, upkeep and insurance.
  • You are someone who likes to keep their options open. The large initial outlay and costs of buying your own yacht in full could mean you feel obliged to spend all your leisure time yachting. If you enjoy lots of different types of holiday, shared ownership allows you to enjoy owning a yacht whilst giving you the freedom to engage in other pursuits too
yacht ownership programs
  • You love spending holidays island-hopping in the Mediterranean but live somewhere far away, perhaps Northern Europe or elsewhere. YachtQuarters allows you to still own a yacht in the Mediterranean but without any of the hassle that long-distance yacht ownership can entail.
  • Maybe you love to charter, but would prefer the familiarity of your own yacht whilst still benefiting from the services of an attentive crew and concierge service? With this program, you can enjoy the comfort of having your own decor brought on board ready for your arrival and the convenience of a friendly crew, who already know exactly what you and your family like so you can just get on with your trip. And all at a fraction of the cost of chartering.
  • You want the flexibility to add on extra weeks per year if you require them. The lowest share available is an eighth – add on extra shares to make it up to a quarter or a half depending on how much time you have to spend on board.


 Princess 64 Princess Y75
Cost per eighth share* £150,000 £525,000
Annual operating costs*
(includes insurance, on-board crew, home berth in Port Adriano and service & maintenance management)
£20,000 £42,500
Permanent crew members 1 2

* All prices inclusive of VAT. Cost per share is subject to full options.

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