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Fiji Charter Destinations


Tahiti to Tavueni

7 Days

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Phone: +44 (0)207 499 5050

Considered to be the destination of ultimate seclusion, Fiji is comprised of dotted land masses that make up a chain of around 300 islands, most of which are known to be volcanic. The waters that surround Fiji are of an incredible emerald colour and the islands themselves contain vast landscapes of lush vegetation and incredible cascading waterfalls. The architecture here ranges from historic temples of sacred worship to modern but sympathetically constructed luxurious hotels that offer the ultimate in service and facilities.

As you might imagine, Fiji offers water sports enthusiasts with the ultimate in choice and incredible experiences that will last a lifetime. Kayaking, white water rafting and of underwater exploration are all available here and take place in incredible surroundings. The landscape of Fiji is an abundance of lush vegetation which is a delight when explored by trekking through some of the islands everlasting interior. Fiji’s islands have astonishing landscapes that include volcanic craters and dense mangrove forests that are waiting to be explored…


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