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Gocek to Bodrum Itinerary


Gocek to Bodrum

7 Days

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Phone: +44 (0)207 499 5050

Experience all that Turkey has to offer with this magnificent seven day charter that includes coastal delights such as Gocek and Bodrum.

The southern coast is a glorious paradise that consists of rugged shores interspersed with quaint fishing villages and secluded islands which offer unlimited exploration opportunities.


  • Day 1: Gocek to Ekincik
  • Day 2: Ekincik to Marmaris
  • Day 3: Marmaris to Keci Buku
  • Day 4: Marmaris to Keci Buku
  • Day 5: Keci Buku to Datca
  • Day 6: Datca to Knidos
  • Day 7: Knidos to Bodrum
Gocek to Bodrum