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Corfu to Cephalonia Itinerary

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Athens to Aegina

10 Days

Corfu to Cephalonia

7 Days

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Home to divine mediterranean cuisine that consists of the freshest fish available and sun soaked coastlines that encompass serene beaches and secluded coves, Greece provides an ideal sailing environment.

This seven day itinerary includes sought after locations such as Paxos which is regarding as a sailing Mecca and Zakinthos which is home a mixture of buzzing local life and unspoilt natural beauty.


  • Day 1: Corfu to Paxos
  • Day 2: Paxos to Anti Paxos to Levkas
  • Day 3: Levkas to Meganissi to Levkas
  • Day 4: Levkas to Ithaca
  • Day 5: Ithaca to Atakos
  • Day 6: Atakos to Zakinthos
  • Day 7: Zakinthos to Cephalonia
Corfu to Cephalonia