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Mahe to Desroches Itinerary


Mahe to Desroches

9 Days

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Phone: +44 (0)207 499 5050

For an itinerary that includes sublime landscapes and turquoise waters that hold endless opportunities for underwater exploration, the Seychelles are a fantastic choice.

This nine day yacht charter encompasses the opulent Fregate and also Mahe where the pristine sands last for mile upon mile.


  • Day 1: Mahe, Victoria to Praslin
  • Day 2: Praslin to Curieuse
  • Day 3: Curieuse to La Digue
  • Day 4: La Digue to Fregate to Islet
  • Day 5: Islet to Desroches
  • Day 6: Desroches to Poivre Atoll
  • Day 7: Poivre Atoll to D’Arros
  • Day 8: D’Arros to Saint Joseph’s
  • Day 9: Saint Joseph’s to Desroches